Church History

Snow Hill Missionary Baptist Church has a rich and colorful history that dates back to the beginning of the 20th Century. The church got its start when five men—Harvey McCoy, Simon Corbett, Lovest Corbett, Franklin Corbett, and William Mack Newkirk decided to leave Black River Chapel in Ivanhoe and build a bush shelter for which they used as a place of worship. This location served the needs of the people for many years; however, when a flood came and devastated the area it became virtually impossible for the people to cross over the creek and reach the shelter. In an effort to service their need for a place to worship, a new church was built and named Royal’s Chapel. Not long thereafter, Nettie Robinson and James Kerr donated land for Snow Hill to be built. The land on which the church now stands was donated by the Robinson’s daughters.

In 1926, Rev. J. M. Malachi and Mary E. Hollingsworth formed the Daughters of Zion. This was a very prestigious group of individuals who gave sacrificially of themselves to the cause of kingdom building. They labored long and hard in the vineyard and established for us a foundation of community outreach and ministry.

In 1946, Deacon Edward Newkirk became an ordained minister, but even before him, our church has had a long line of distinguished deacons who have assisted will in the spiritual growth of our members. To the credit of those who have led by example through the years are Deacons Simon Corbett, Lovest Corbett, Harvey McCoy, Franklin Corbett, William D. Newkirk, Peter Melvin, Galloway Henry, William D Henry, II, Moody J. Newkirk, Winford M. Henry, Raymond Hayes, Sr. Lewis Imes, Sr. E. S. Bannerman, Mack Murphy, Willie Edward Hooper, Alvester Carr, Cleophis Corbett, James Keith, Elbert Imes, Morrell Devane, Gary Henry, and Allie Goodman. Currently Lewis Imes, Jr. and Lonnie Devane serve the needs of our members in the role of deacon.

Over the century, numerous pastors have served as shepherd over the flock of Snow Hill Missionary Baptist Church. Among them were Rev. Anders, Rev. Keenan, Rev. Royal, Rev. J. M. Newkirk, Rev. Walker, Rev. Solomon Devane, Rev. Liggi Tate, Rev. Goodman, Rev. J. W. Wells, Rev. J. D. Ballard, Rev. W. M. Boykin, Rev. D. C. Fennell, Rev. T. T. Williams, Rev. J. L. Liverston, Rev. B. P. Bethea, Rev. Sam Moss, Rev. C. W. Wright, Rev. Boyd Sutton, Rev. E. M. Williams, Rev. Dante’ Murphy, and Rev. Jeffrey Reese.

On August 2006, Rev. Gliston E. Morrisey was invited to our church to preach the Word. That Sunday, he rendered to the church a soul-stirring message entitled “Get to Know Him.” That message set the tone for his leadership, as he continues to compel members to work at advancing their relationship with Christ. Rev. Morrisey was installed on Sunday, April 15, 2007 and has since served in the capacity of our spiritual leader.

Under Pastor Morrisey’s direction the cornerstone was laid in 2008 and the new sanctuary was dedicated. Also to his credit a Leadership Team has been formed. Most of all he has helped to lead soul’s to Christ. By God’s grace, membership has increased and a spiritual awakening and revival has come.

On September 24, 2015, the very first SALON (Spirit-filled And loving Others Network) ministry gathering was held. A ministry that has been has been God-breathed, God-focused, God-led and God-ordained. Women off ages come together to learn and grow in the word of God.

In October 2018, members came together to celebrate the Mortgage burning. To God Be The Glory