Children’s Church is offered here at Snow Hill on the 1st Sunday of each month. All youth, ages 4-10, are highly encouraged to attend.

Each monthly lesson is, not only Bible-based, but it is also age appropriate. Children remain actively engaged throughout the lesson with lively Bible stories and hands-on arts and crafts activities.

At the close of the lesson, participants are dismissed with two things in hand: a snack to enjoy and a Bible verse to study and learn. As the ministries of Snow Hill are all collaborative ventures, it is our hope that the Bible verses received during Children’s Church on 1st Sundays will be converted to memory and recited on 3rd Sunday during Children’s Hour.

Special thanks are extended to all of the parents and guardians who allow your children to participate in this budding youth ministry. It is our prayer that we will continue to grow and develop into whatever God would have us to be; and that He, alone, will get the glory!